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If you own a mobile home, you need to have insurance on it. American Modern Insurance quotes can be provided for any type of manufactured home on the market to an owner or renter of a mobile

American Modern Mobile Home Insurance sells policies for ALL types of manufactured homes. That includes both single, doubled-wide and triple-wide mobile homes. Also policies are offered for two story mobile homes and your mobile home is covered, even when it is not occupied.

You may may be the type of owner who only use your mobile home  during certain times of the year. Because of this, you will have different requirements for coverage to when you are occupying the home versus the coverage you need when the unit is empty.

Your policy with American Modern insurance not only covers the size and age of your mobile home, but the areas of coverage for damage is wide. American Modern mobile home policy can cover damage from lightning, wind, hail and various other weather incidents. Not done yet, American Modern insurance naturally covers fire damage, but also damage from burst water pipes.

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