Insurance for Older Mobile Homes

Older Mobile Homes

A vintage mobile home can be a great investment if you’re looking for affordable property. When most people think of mobile homes, they think of trailers that look like giant aluminum cans in the middle of the desert. But those are the mobile homes of the past, after 1976, mobile homes were built larger and look similar to traditional stick-built homes. These older mobile homes can be maintained and last for nearly 30 years.

Insurance for Older Mobile Homes

With advancements in technology and new materials, older mobile homes can be upgraded, renovated, and preserved to extend their lifespan.  If you do decide to bring an older mobile home back to life, be sure to protect with insurance. We can help you find the best rates on insurance for older mobile homes from Foremost Insurance. Older mobile home insurance covers:

  • Loss caused by fire, lightning, wind, hail, water damage from sewers and drains, earthquakes, etc.
  • Stated value loss settlement: If a total loss has occurred, you can settle for the full amount of your property at the value listed on your policy
  • Trip coverage if you move your home to a new location
  • Collision Coverage in case of any collisions during transport of your home
  • Personal Property coverage
  • Replacement Cost coverage for your mobile home and personal belongings
  • All-perils coverage for tools
  • Fraud and Forgery Coverage
  • Coverage for trees, shrubs, and lawns added to the home

If you would like to find out more about insurance coverage for older mobile homes contact one of our reliable agents now. If you want instant results, you can go online now and get a Foremost Older Mobile Home Insurance Quote for free!




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